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A Toast to the Beef Roast

28 Nov | Slow-Cooker
Real Recipes Slow-Cooker A Toast to the Beef Roast


It doesn’t get more “holiday” than a classic beef roast. Once his heart grew three sizes, even the Grinch appreciated the show-stopping goodness of the holiday roast (beast, in his case).

Nevertheless, the time, money, and pressure of handling a centerpiece dish can be daunting.

Most people don’t realize that cooking a delicious beef roast is actually EASY. And this is your year – become a master with our holiday roast guide. You’ll learn how to cook the perfect roast beef, complete with Chris Hartford’s Classic Roast Beef Recipe at the end of the post.

Rules of the roast

As you know from our guide to cooking methods, roasting is a dry heat cooking technique good for large pieces of meat. The meat is typically cooked uncovered in a hot oven. The specific techniques, length of roasting time, and temperature vary widely across recipes.

How to get the most from your roast:

  • Choose the right cut and cook it with the appropriate technique.
  • Let the beef get to room temperature prior to cooking.
  • Season it well.
  • When possible, tie the roast for uneven cuts.
  • Use a meat thermometer to determine doneness.
  • REST. Always let your roast sit for at least 15 – 20 minutes before serving.