Our Story

Meet Verde

We’re out to make the world a little bit of a better place the only way we know how—with delicious beef. For us, that means ditching the typical associations that come with the word “farm” for things like idyllic pastures, lush grass and happy cattle instead. And it means farming in a way that heals the land rather than, well, the opposite. For you, hopefully it means choosing a beef product for your family that makes you smile just a little bit bigger and satisfies you  just a lot bit more.

The Home of Happy Cattle

Our cattle live as nature intended—assuming nature intended cattle to live on pastures that never end, grazing the lushest grass on earth in a climate that’s worth vacationing to, that is.

Healthier, Tastier Beef

We don’t just keep our cattle happy and 100% grass-fed because we appreciate the blissful moos. Happy cattle are healthy cattle. It’s why we don’t need added hormones or antibiotics. And it’s why our USDA organic beef is leaner, cleaner, less caloric and packed with all the good stuff, like Omega-3’s and antioxidants.

More for Your Meal

Life’s busy. And crazy. And chaotic. But a delicious meal that makes you feel good can be simple. That’s our belief, at least. It’s why we let Mother Nature call the shots. So all it takes is tossing some burgers on the grill, or some steak on the skillet—and getting your squad around the table. You’ll taste the difference, and you’ll feel it too.

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