Meet the Founders

Our Why

We believe that beef can be better. That cattle can graze on open pastures, as nature intended; that farming practices can make the land better, not worse; and that our meals can taste good—and feel good too. That’s what we strive to bring to your table,
every single day.

Our Story Begins in 2005

…with a meal in the beautiful pampas of South America.

Horseback riding on an estancia, I joined cowboys on wide open, grassy pastures. Everywhere around me, cattle roamed freely, grazing on grass that spanned as a far as the eye could see. Later, I experienced the most delicious steak I’d ever eaten—totally grass-fed, totally organic, raised right there, on that land, as nature intended.

That’s when Verde was born.

In those fertile lowlands of Uruguay, I experienced the savory and delicious taste of true beef. It was unlike any beef I had ever had at home. But why?

Back in the States, I discovered that the reasons ran deep. Really, the whole system was broken.

I learned that the beef you usually find at the grocery store comes from cattle that are quickly and cheaply fattened on an unnatural diet of grain or corn. Unlike the free-roaming animals on the pampas, these cattle are packed in feedlots for months. Stressful and often unclean conditions mean widespread use of antibiotics. And the whole operation is run by enormous corporations driven by profit. Not particularly appetizing, to say the least.

At Verde, we are committed to bringing you beef that comes from a better place. A place where cattle roam free and graze exclusively on grass. Where added hormones or antibiotics are never used, and thanks to regenerative farming practices, where we are actually making our land better, not worse.

So when you choose to bring Verde Farms beef home to your family, you’ll know exactly what you’re choosing. Better.

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