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Why Our Grass-Fed, Organic Beef Comes From Abroad

24 Jul | Beef 101
Beef 101 Why Our Grass-Fed, Organic Beef Comes From Abroad

The importance of pasture raised meat is something we are committed to here at Verde Farms. It is important to support farms on every level, at both the local and global scale. There are a few simple reasons why we source our grass-fed, organic beef and lamb from places like Australia and Uruguay.


There are very limited conditions in the United States that are ideal to raise cattle and lamb on a pasture year-round. In Australia and Uruguay, the climate and weather conditions are ideal to give animals grazing throughout the year, not just in a limited season. This is imporant in making sure we provide customers and consumers with the freshest beef and lamb available.


In Australia, feedlots are not the norm, grass-fed is. There is much more pastured land available so that cattle and lamb, among other animals, can be given the space to graze and roam througout the day. Though there are certainly farms that also do this here in the United States, the ability to have large farms abroad makes sure that the meat you receive is grass-fed, grass-finished and affordable since it is produced on a larger scale. It’s a win, win for everyone involved.

Every Farm Matters

We have close relationships with every farm our beef and lamb comes from. Our founder visits these farms each year to ensure they are maintaining our rigorous standards and to let them know that we are here to support the grass-fed initiative in a big way.