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What Is Grass-Fed Beef Tallow?

8 Jul | Beef 101
Beef 101 What Is Grass-Fed Beef Tallow?

Along with beef jerky and beef bone broth, beef tallow is a rising star among foodies and paleo enthusiasts. And if you’re wondering exactly what it is and what it’s used for, wonder no more and read on.

What Is Beef Tallow?

Simply put, beef tallow is a rendered fat, commonly used for frying, derived from cattle suet and by-products that often have little to no value to most commercial food industries. Tallow production helps utilize more of the cow and creates less waste. It has the consistency of softened butter or shortening and tallow from grass-fed cattle often has a golden yellow tone to it because of the cows’ grass-fed diet.

You can use beef tallow to fry anything that you like…french fries, chicken, seafood, eggs, and of course, steak and hamburgers. Tallow is also great for deep frying and high temperature cooking because it has a high smoke point. If it is kept in a sealed airtight container then it won’t need to be refrigerated, unlike suet.

What Is Beef Suet?

Suet is the raw fat that comes from beef or mutton. Specifically, it is the hard fat found around the kidneys and loins. With a melting point of between 113°F and 122°F and congelation between 98.6°F and 104°F, its high smoke point makes it ideal for pastry production and deep frying.

Outside of cooking, tallow is sometimes used as an ingredient in shaving soaps and is a primary material in leather conditioner. However, we prefer to use it for frying!

Although Verde Farms does not sell its own branded grass-fed beef tallow, we do supply all kinds of beef materials to food manufacturers. If you’re a food company interested in purchasing grass-fed beef products to make beef tallow or another beef product, pleasecontact us.