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Top Five Cheeses for Your Cheeseburger

26 Jul | Beef 101
Beef 101 Top Five Cheeses for Your Cheeseburger

That melty, gooey irresistible topper for your  burger. There are no two ways around it. We just love a good cheeseburger.

From tried-and-true favorites to some less typical choices, here are our top favorites for your next cheeseburger:


Hands down, cheddar – especially yellow cheddar – is one of our top burger matches. It melts nicely and adds a little sharp bite that complements the char on the beef. A younger, mild cheddar has more moisture, which improves melting, and is creamy and sweet with a hint of sharpness. We love a cheeseburger with cheddar and guacamole. Or try it with a smear of tangy barbecue sauce andsautéedonions.


It’s too traditional to leave off the list ­— that orange slice that melts into the beef in a matter of moments and reminds us of cheeseburgers from childhood on up. American cheese is usually made from a blend of Colby, a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese, combined with other ingredients. Keep it simple with onion, lettuce, tomato and ketchup. Or dress it up with spicy pickled jalapenos or kimchi and cole slaw.


Another top winner for its melting capabilities, Swiss cheese is buttery, nutty and a little sweet. A traditional Swiss, also known as Emmentaler, is typically the cheese featured in an iconic Mushroom-Swiss Burger. If you’d like to build your burger even more, add a couple of slices of crispy bacon and a dollop of chipotle mayo.

Goat Cheese

It doesn’t melt quite the same way as some of the other cheeses. Still, a creamy, tangy goat cheese stands up beautifully to a grilled burger. If you go with goat, skip the ketchup in favor of fig or onion jam. For a different twist, crisp up slices of prosciutto in a pan and add them on top for a salty bite.


Creamy, earthy, buttery – and neatly sliced with the rind left on – brie elevates a burger. When melted, it creates a supremely gooey coating over the meat. To complete it, thinly slice pears and layer them on top, with a drizzle of honey. Or pair it with a mango chutney.